Arts Program

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Fine (Plastic) Arts School

This school aims to conducting courses in fine arts and Arabic calligraphy to support and develop children’s and youth’s artistic talents. It contributes to revitalizing the fine arts movement by holding art exhibits and fine arts seminars, in addition to establishing an institute for fine arts, encouraging the talented children and youth to develop their skills, sharpen their talents and expand their knowledge.

Al-Sununu Choir

It is a music choir that brings the Palestinian children together within a unified musical educational program highlighting the Palestinian musical heritage and Arabic music. It aims to provide psychological support by enriching the cultural life of marginalized children and their societies, using music to discharge potential energy, build self-confidence and inculcate a spirit of cooperation and renunciation of violence through teamwork among the children themselves. Thus, the choir contributes to the building of a new generation of Palestinian children who are educated and open to the world to become “Ambassadors of Culture” in their community.

Talent’s Training and Development

This department was established to be a beacon for talented and interested in music learning; to develop their potential and expand their music knowledge. Students are undergoing a detailed, regular academic program through individual lessons on musical instruments, lessons on musical theories, history of music, and classes in group performances as well as choirs. There is also an amateur program to learn to play on a musical instrument, without joining a public music program. The program also aims to develop the first digital online platform for music art training.

Al Sununu Association for Arts and Culture: provides youth and children psychosocial support through musical and cultural activities to promote non-violent, creative expression.