Al-Sununu for Culture and Arts Association is a civil, non-governmental, and non-profit organization that was established in 2010, initiated by Ms. Elena Rostropovich, the founder of the Rostropovich - Vasilevskiy Association, which was launching Al-Sununu Choir to bring Palestinian children into a unified music-education program; highlights Palestinian heritage and Arabic music in Palestinian territories, Syria, Lebanon, and Jordan.


A Palestinian artistic and cultural beacon believes in the importance of arts as one of the most important tools of free expression and contributes to positive change.


Al-Sununu is a cultural and artistic organization, which embraces and enhances the cultural and artistic talents of children, youth, and interested people, with professionalism and quality imitate the universality, in a way that promotes cultural identity, guided by the values of peace, freedom, and justice.


Al-Sununu believes in and promotes the following values in everything it does: Peace, Tolerance, Freedom, Justice, Equality, Freedom of Opinion and Expression, Collective Action.

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    Al Sununu Association for Arts and Culture: provides youth and children psychosocial support through musical and cultural activities to promote non-violent, creative expression.