“Our culture…. Our identity” Program

 / “Our culture…. Our identity” Program
Dabka and Folklore

Al-Sununu seeks to train children on the arts of popular dabka and forming many teams from different age categories. Such teams aim to nurture children’s talents and show their skills by taking part in the organization’s special celebrations and national events.

Audio and video library

Al-Sununu is looking forward to establish a specialized library for all kinds of arts and provides a miscellaneous collection of books and stories. It aims to strengthen the relationship between the talented child and the book and promote one’s self-confidence to become capable of building one’s personality by increasing his or her knowledge and culture.

Cultural Arab Saloon

This saloon aims to spread awareness and culture and build a bridge for communication among the intellectuals and creative people of diverse thoughts and orientations. It also aims to support children and youth who are gifted in literary writings, provide them with workshops to develop their skills, and hold cultural events to create a uniquely innovative environment for Palestinian society.

Al Sununu Association for Arts and Culture: provides youth and children psychosocial support through musical and cultural activities to promote non-violent, creative expression.